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The value of a Geography degree

What Matita gained from her UCL International Geography course

The value of a Geography degree

A recent issue of The Clique, the on-line journal of careers and university advice, featured an interview with Matita Afoakwa, a graduate from UCL Geography last summer, in which she explained what she gained from the four-year BA Geography International degree course.

Matita had first realised at school that Geography was much more than the stereotypical study of maps and rocks. It would allow her to understand and delve deeper into contemporary issues, including global development and the developing world. Like many sixth formers she did not know the career path she wanted to follow, so chose Geography because it is all-encompassing and she would enjoy studying it.

UCL was the most attractive programme she found, since it offered a year abroad option, and the ability to select specialisms such as development & globalisation, urban geography and geopolitics. During its 4 years, she had thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of the course, particularly working towards her dissertation on the experiences of return migration to Ghana, a topic that she was passionate about and could relate to.

Matita thinks it is okay to choose a course that would be open, career-wise. Some of her course mates had gone on to Law training contracts, others worked for the government/NGOs, or in film/photography. She believes that it is important to choose a degree subject that you enjoy and feel that you can do well in. If you maintain an ambitious and determined mind-set, career possibilities will open up.

By studying Geography, she had learned how to be analytical, express herself, and make arguments clear and concise, orally and in writing. Also knowing that, for many contemporary issues, there isn’t a right or wrong answer.

Developing and believing in your stance is important, and being able to deliver it with conviction. Studying the subject also requires a level of independence, searching for information and resources on your own and being proactive with your work.

Matita believes that these skills are incredibly important for any position or role in the professional world.




Matita Afoakwa (The Clique)

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