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Mark Maslin interviews Al Gore

Discussing ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’

Mark Maslin interviews Al Gore

Former US Vice President Al Gore has launched a new climate change film, entitled An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, a decade after his award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Professor Mark Maslin was invited to interview him for The Conversation, with discussion focusing on the bipartisanship politics that has recently emerged around climate change.

After the interview, Mark observes that the film’s optimistic tone would not have seemed out of place if it had been released a year ago, or there had been a different US election result. While it has been hastily edited to include Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, this is very much out of line with the film’s more general message.

In the interview Al Gore makes two clear points:

  • All the solutions to climate change are now available and in many cases much cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • More fundamentally, he judges that Western democracies are broken and that solving the climate crisis also requires fixing democracy.

Mark concludes that An Inconvenient Truth was the right movie at the right time while An Inconvenient Sequel is the wrong movie at the wrong time.

At the end of the film Gore makes an impassioned rally speech, part Winston Churchill and part Martin Luther King, which even a hardened sceptic could hardly but admire, concluding with the film’s tag line: “It’s time to fight like your world depends on it.”

In Mark’s view, given the forces aligned against climate action from big business and Trumpism, we all need to be as passionate, optimistic and committed as Gore to a new safer cleaner future.  The world does depend on us acting now!



Mark Maslin with Al Gore

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