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Climate Friendly Landscapes

Simon Lewis addresses Lancaster House meeting

Climate Friendly Landscapes

Professor Simon Lewis was one of two keynote speakers at the high-level meeting on Climate Friendly Landscapes convened by Prince Charles, and held in Lancaster House on 26th October.

Climate friendly landscapes are those that sequester carbon, rather than emitting it, while also increasing the resilience of landscapes and peoples’ livelihoods to withstand future climate shocks.

The aim of the meeting was to improve our understanding of the role played by soil and vegetation carbon sequestration in limiting warming to well-below 2oC, in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, by protecting forests and peatlands and using forest sequestration to retain carbon in agricultural soils.

The meeting was attended by Prince Charles, UK government ministers Andrea Leadsom (DEFRA) and Rory Stewart (DFID), the French Agriculture Minister, Stephane Le Foll, and other government and research institutes and international donors.

The French government committed to further investments in the ‘4 in a 1000’ initiative, to sequester carbon in soils, and the UK government to preserving UK peatlands and continued support for reducing tropical deforestation.



For the Prince of Wales’s speech:


Simon Lewis

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