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Where the Animals Go

James presents 50 maps and graphics in new atlas

Where the Animals Go

Following the 2014 success of their best-selling, London: the Information Capital, Dr James Cheshire has co-authored a second book with designer Oliver Uberti, Where the Animals Go.

Published by Particular Books, an imprint of Penguin, this explores the ways in which technology has transformed our understanding of the animal kingdom. It features over 50 maps and graphics, created from animal-tracking data drawn from hundreds of researchers across the globe.

The topics covered include the record-breaking migrations of Arctic terns, collective decision making among baboons and the feeding behaviours of killer whales in Iceland and Scotland.

The book showcases the value of geospatial data amassed by the increasingly sophisticated sensors deployed on animals, creating a growing field of biologging.

Such datasets, when combined with contextual information such as wind patterns or ocean currents, offer enormous potential to communicate the plight of many animals in the 21st Century.

Each graphic demonstrates the importance of data and technology in this field, as well as exemplifying the power of maps to deliver insight and fresh perspectives into where animals go.




Where the Animals Go

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