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Geographies of the Future

Mark Maslin and Danny Dorling in Geographical Magazine

Geographies of the Future

In a 22nd April opinion piece in the Geographical Magazine, Professor Mark Maslin, with Professor Danny Dorling of Oxford University, argues that we should use the intellectual capital in ‘Geography’ to implement win-win solutions to tackle the great challenges of the 21st century, including poverty and inequality, at the same time as dealing with climate change, environmental degradation and global security. Climate change, in particular, is insidious and could so easily make all the other problems worse.

Given humanity’s extraordinary impact on the planet, any sort of efforts directed at fairly distributing the Earth’s resources might seem to be sensible. But standing in the way is the dominant geopolitical and economic philosophy of the West, revolving around so-called ‘free’ markets ­- keeping state intervention as small as possible, boosting private rights for those of able to afford property, low taxation and celebrating individualism - namely neoliberalism.



Mark Maslin

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Mark Maslin