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Five factors to consider when choosing your PhD

Key components of a modern PhD programme

Five factors to consider when choosing your PhD

In a Naturejobs Blog, Mark Maslin and Kevin Fowler provide some advice on what to look for in a modern PhD programme.

Choosing a PhD is a daunting task, but it is not helped by the common misperception that studying for a PhD is a lonely struggle to prove you’re worthy of academia: a Darwinian process where only the fittest, strongest and luckiest survive.

When they set up the London NERC DTP Mark and Kevin reviewed best practices around the world and built a flexible PhD programme incorporating five key principles that could enhance the PhD experience and reflect the needs of current PhD students:

Student Choice - Broad based training - Diverse opportunities - Student cohort - Student support structures

These principles should help students to identify and undertake a PhD that will equip them with a combination of skills and tools that will be valuable throughout their subsequent career.



The London NERC DTP [Tom Mitchell 2014]

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