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The Bloomsbury Geographer is back

And it’s back with a bang!

The Bloomsbury Geographer is back

UCL Geography’s very own student-led academic journal has been revitalised on a sparkly new online blogging platform.*

The journal publishes content by and for undergraduates and academics mixing article-length features and blog-style commentaries.

Posting nine articles already this year, on topics varying from Cultural Geography to Climate Change, the editors have received very encouraging feedback and some beautifully written articles, all with fascinating content from our very own UCL Geography students.

But it cannot stop there. The editors need UCL Geographers to write, read and share with The Bloomsbury Geographer growing it into something bigger and better as the year progresses.

Read our engaging and contemporary articles::


To write:

STUDENTS- submit an article on anything Geographically related to between 100-1,000 words – our editorial team will read, edit and publish it for you! (plus it looks great on your CV).

STAFF – our editorial team will be more than happy to arrange an interview with you about your current work likewise we also seek staff recommendations for undergraduate coursework which is particularly interesting or of high quality.

To share – like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share/retweet our articles!


* The Bloomsbury Geographer originated in the 1960s, and the departmental archive includes copies with many authors who went on to achieve geographical and other forms of  fame!


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