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The long-term evolution of tropical climate

Chris Brierley gives Noble Seminar in Toronto

The long-term evolution of tropical climate

28th November saw Dr Chris Brierley at the University of Toronto, where he was invited by the Earth and Atmospheric Physics research group to present his research on warm climates during the Plio-Pleistocene.

In a seminar, he discussed the role of dynamic topography in the major climate transition of the past few million years, including:

  • The closing of the Bering Strait and the onset of glaciation at ~2.8 Ma,
  • The inundation of Indonesia and the Walker Circulation at 1.8 Ma.


Chris also taught a guest class in Earth Science about the start of the Anthropocene.

The visit was made possible through support from the Reginald and Muriel Noble Fund.


The University of Toronto

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