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Lucy wins national Historical Geography dissertation prize

Adding to this year’s UCL Geography awards

Lucy wins national Historical Geography dissertation prize

Another UCL Geographer has won a national dissertation prize, the fifth for 2015-16.

Lucy Taylor has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)  Historical Geography Research Group prize for her study, 'The male gaze of colonial cartography: a feminist analysis of maps of Africa from the Royal Geographical Society archive, 1851-­1891'.

This examines how maps acted as objects of white imperial masculinist power in the 19th Century.

In the past, despite recognition of the masculinist epistemology of maps, the application of feminist theories to colonial cartographic landscapes has been limited and wholly theoretical.

Lucy’s study provides a feminist analysis of a group of 19th century maps of Africa, indicating how the colonial cartographic gaze is equated to the male gaze - of masculine power over a feminine landscape.

For the prize committee:

‘We thought that her study was 'hugely impressive in almost every way. The question devised by Lucy is both truly original and a timely rebuke to the resurgent machismo in historical geographies of mapping. Thoughtfully researched, deeply contextualised, carefully analysed and beautifully written all reviewers felt that this was an exceptional piece of work”'.

Lucy’s work was supervised by Dr James Kneale.

See:  RGS-IBG Historical Geography Research Group


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