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Jingle-bell Politics

Ingrid looks to what the Arctic can teach us

Jingle-bell Politics

Dr Ingrid Medby, a Teaching Fellow in UCL Geography, writes about “Jingle-bell politics” in the 19 December issue of The Conversation.

The home of Santa is claimed by the Danes in Greenland and the Finns in Lapland, as well as by the Russians and Swedes and, with Mrs Claus, he has been issued an e-passport by the Canadians.

While there remain some disputes over Arctic sovereignty, in one case at least the spirit of Christmas prevails. As the Danes and Canadians take turns to occupy Hans Island, a disputed rock between Canada and Greenland, each leaves a welcoming bottle of liquor for the other side!

Ingrid hopes that such examples will warm the frostily cool politics of this year.

See: The Conversation


Here's to a peaceful New Year!