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Tackling problems of aquaculture in the Philippines

ECRC in pioneering use of palaeolimnology

Tackling problems of aquaculture in the Philippines

On 26 July, a 2016 Republica Qualifier Award from the Philippine Commission on Higher Education was presented to an international team led by Dr Rey Donne Papa (University of Santo Tomos) and Professor David Taylor (National University of Singapore), which included Professor Anson Mackay (UCL Environmental Change Research Centre), Dr Gail McGlynn (Trinity College Dublin), an ex-ECRC graduate, and long-time ECRC collaborator Dr Suzanne McGowan (Nottingham University). The award recognised research to tackle problems of aquaculture in the Philippines, one of the country’s first such applications of palaeolimnology.

An open access account of the work reviews the development of freshwater aquaculture in the Philippines, its associated environmental impacts, and relevant environmental regulations and regulatory bodies. It also highlights the potential role of palaeolimnology, which is currently under-utilised in tropical Asia, to complement current datasets, including monitoring records.

The case is based on a preliminary study at Lake Mohicap, which currently supports aquaculture and is one of a cluster of seven volcanic crater lakes on Luzon, the largest of the archipelago of islands forming the Philippines.

The open access paper is at:


Lake Mohicap (Photo: D. Taylor, May 2014)