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Nature’s greatest survivor: The Iconic Oak

Mat Disney’s team in BBC documentary

Nature’s greatest survivor: The Iconic Oak

Dr Mat Disney and his group have been working at the historic Wytham Woods over the past year, capturing the structure of the woodland using Mat's terrestrial laser scanning instrument. See:

As part of this project, Dr. Kim Calders has led work to capture 6 ha. of the woodland in 3D, the largest area of woodland ever recorded like this.

Kim's flythrough of the scans so far is pretty stunning:

Mat and the team have also been participating in a documentary produced for the BBC, called Oak Tree: Nature's Greatest Survivor. Filmed at Wytham, this showcases the amazing life history of one of Britain's most iconic and recognisable species.

The team scanned the tree featured in the documentary, and Mat is interviewed at the beginning of the programme. This was screened on BBC4, on 1st October 2015, and is now available through BBC iPlayer, at:

There is more information on the programme at:



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