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Monitoring Europe’s ’Migration Crisis’

John Salt at SOPEMI

Monitoring Europe’s ’Migration Crisis’

In his role as UK Correspondent, on October 10-12 Professor John Salt attended the annual meeting in Paris of SOPEMI, the Continuous Reporting System on Migration of the OECD.

This brings together specialists in international migration to provide the OECD with information and advice. Each Correspondent compiles and presents a report on the most recent national trends and patterns in international migration. A synthetic report is then prepared and published by the OECD. The UK report will be placed on the Migration Research Unit (MRU)  website.

As might be expected, much of the discussion focused on Europe’s current ‘migration crisis’, which continues unabated. Other issues of concern were measures to attract skilled labour, the integration of migrants into national labour markets, and asylum more generally.

Almost all countries were agreed on the need to attract international students and especially to allow their easier recruitment into the host country labour market on graduation. The UK was the major exception, being alone in cutting its post-study work route.

On the final morning John chaired a special session on detecting and dealing with illegal employment. There is a general trend towards imposing sanctions on employers who use foreign labour illegally.



Professor John Salt