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UCL pond team saving the crucian carp

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UCL pond team saving the crucian carp

In April members of the UCL Pond Team (Carl Sayer, Ian Patmore and Dave Emson) were out in the Norfolk countryside saving the crucian carp, a small, but beautiful little fish that is in steep decline in England and much of Europe. Drawing on information provided by local people, the team, including local countrymen, hunted for the fish using fyke nets set in ponds overnight.

The UCL team worked around 20 farmland ponds, finding two new crucian carp populations and undertaking three introductions to recently restored ponds.

This work has been continuing since 2008 and is starting to make a difference. Five breeding crucian populations are well established and many populations have been saved from extinction simply by engaging local farmers and landowners. The Norfolk Crucian Carp Project aims to make the crucian carp thrive again!

The project was covered in the Eastern Daily Press:

It is strongly linked to the on-going Norfolk Ponds Project:


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A crucian carp from a re-introduction pond

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