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Neoliberal nightmare

Mark Maslin: Geography can make a difference

Neoliberal nightmare

Professor Mark Maslin was recently asked by an incredulous colleague why he was working in a Geography department. In the Geographical Magazine Opinions section he argues that Geography has a profound role to play in both understanding and solving the great challenges of the 21st century, including global inequality, global poverty, global security, environmental degradation and climate change.

By combining natural and social sciences, geographers are building a body of work that reveals how the rules governing society are not fit for purpose, and that new governance systems are required to deal with these immense challenges. He cites the cases of human health, increasing atmospheric CO2, accelerating species extinction, growing inequality of access to the Earth’s resources, and especially an increasingly pervasive neoliberal geopolitical and economic philosophy,

Mark argues that what is required is proactive and aggressive redistribution of wealth, both within and between countries. Geography can make a difference by envisioning new political systems of governance, enabling collective action and a more equal distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities.



Mark Maslin

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Mark Maslin