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Transnationalism, Identities and Cultural Diversification

Ben Page on Cameroon experience

Transnationalism, Identities and Cultural Diversification

Dr Ben Page was invited to speak at the University of Liège as part of the final international conference of the Transnationalism, Identities and Cultural Diversification (TRICUD) programme, held on 14-16 May, sponsored by the French speaking Community of Belgium - Concerted Research Actions - Walloonia -Europe Academy.

The meeting brought together anthropologists, sociologists, geographers and political scientists to discuss how migration transforms both sending societies in the South and receiving societies in the North. It also focused on the ways in which migration has prompted the formation of transnational social spaces connecting home and destination countries.

Ben discussed a specific ethnographic study of trans-local house-building in  Awing (Cameroon) in relation to changing ideas of masculinity and family relations. The paper argued that building houses at home in the village ‘licensed’ individual community members to leave the country in the appropriate way, asserting an ongoing link which stretched in this case between the village of Awing and Washington DC.

The conference was organised by CEDEM (Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies), CLEO (Centre for the Study of Public Opinion) and PÔLE SUD (Pôle Liégeois d’Études sur les Sociétés Urbaines en Développement).



Dr Ben Page

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