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Economics/Geographer awarded Faculty Medal

Unique success for Agnes

Economics/Geographer awarded Faculty Medal

Congratulations to Agnes Norris Keiller, a final year Economics and Geography BSc (Economics) student, who has been awarded the Faculty Medal as the best performing student in the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences for 2014.

Agnes came to UCL to study Economics, but after her first year chose to switch to the challenges of the Joint Degree with Geography. This involves combining the mathematical and analytical skills of Economics with the intelligence-gathering and synthesising requirements of Geography. Agnes showed a remarkable ability to span the disciplines, gaining First Class marks in both during all three years.

The Geography BSc(Economics) tutor, Jurgen Esletzbichler, explains how Agnes’s thirst for knowledge was not containable by narrow departmental “knowledge silos”. In the Joint Degree she was able to draw on both disciplines to engage with topics ranging from Global Environmental Change, Popular Culture and Geopolitics to Advanced Macroeconomics. Her course work in Geography, including completing a series of blogs on environmental issues and an independent project on shale gas extraction, showed not only initiative and creativity but, above all, enthusiasm for finding out things for herself.

This is a superb achievement, exceeding even those of other excellent Economics/Geography students in recent years, including Olga Vasilenko this year, who have been placed on the Faculty Dean’s List for Excellence.


Agnes Norris Keiller