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Discovering the Flat Lands

Helene Burningham on the Essex coast

Discovering the Flat Lands

Dr Helene Burningham has contributed to the latest 'enhanced' guided walk for the RGS/IBG project Discovering Britain in the August edition of the Geographical Magazine, through rural Essex and the Thames Estuary.

Helene emphasises how, although apparently deserted, the Thames estuary coastline  is actually bursting with life. Sediment flowing from up to 350 kilometres inland, in Gloucestershire, brings nutrients for sea creatures that, in turn, support a rich array of bird life. The shifting tides also sustain various habitats in every area, from waders at low tide to fish and tern at high tide – a multi-layered landscape thick with ecosystems.


The audio/map/info for the walk is available through the Discovering Britain website at:


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Helene Burningham