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Jimmy Nelson: ‘Before They Pass Away’

GeogSoc presents its first Lunch Hour Lecture

Jimmy Nelson: ‘Before They Pass Away’

On Monday 3rd February, around 150 students and staff gathered in the UCL Anatomy Theatre to attend the UCL Geog Soc’s first ever Lunch Hour Lecture, given by Jimmy Nelson.

Jimmy is a fascinating photojournalist who travels the world finding, following and photographing indigenous peoples.  With a montage of his spectacular photography as a backdrop, the talk was an informal affair and, after a brief introduction, the floor was opened to questions.

Jimmy explained  his admiration and fascination for indigenous peoples, recounting stories of his time living with tribes such as the Kazakhs, the Hulis and Mongolian Reindeer Hunters.  These groups are special, but their unique ways of life are becoming increasingly threatened.

The aim of ‘Before they Pass Away’, therefore, is to commemorate these beautiful people in an aesthetic way so that their indigenous pasts will not be forgotten. The result is an eclectic and groundbreaking collection of breath-taking stills, and an accelerating campaign through the media and academic groups alike.

As one student commented: “Jimmy Nelson was utterly inspiring and all who attended felt privileged to have shared his unique insight into the world of indigenous tribes, before their way of life, as seems inevitable, passes away”.

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