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John Adams’ Lifetime Achievement

A Prize!!

John Adams’ Lifetime Achievement

In January, 400 international risk leaders converged on London's Grand Connaught Rooms from over 30 countries for one of the annual highlights for risk professionals, the Annual Awards of the Institute of Risk Management.

A highlight of the evening was the award to Emeritus Professor John Adams of a Lifetime Achievement Award. This goes to an individual who has, over a number of years, made a significant contribution to the risk management profession.

According to the citation, as author, academic, and presenter of evidence at numerous public inquiries, John has continually challenged our thinking about risk, particularly in relation to environmental and safety issues. He also has the ability to surprise with headlines for articles, such as: Risk Management: it’s not rocket science – it’s more complicated!

John adds:

The photograph is a graphic record of the event. Jeremy Harrison, the head of the Institute of Risk Management, is laughing because I have just called him a sneaky b*****d for inviting me to dinner without warning me that he had this in mind. And I am looking bemused because - I was – and still am. I think the photo captures the lifetime bit fairly accurately.

It weighs four kilos.


John Adams (left) receiving his award from Jeremy Harrison, head of the IRM.

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