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“Think hope, Think crisis”

John Holloway speaks at UCL Geography

“Think hope, Think crisis”

Professor John Holloway, of the Autonomous University of Puebla, visited the department on Wednesday 7th May to give a public talk entitled Think Hope, Think Crisis.

The internationally renowned Marxist theorist, whose most recent books include, Change the World Without Taking Power (2002) and Crack Capitalism (2010), has had a profound impact in debates over social change,  in both social movements and universities worldwide.

His writings argue that we need to rethink the concept of revolution in the 21st century, away from the idea of taking power via the state (or indeed any institution) and towards an everyday struggle to bring together our own "powers-to-do".

The talk engaged with the potentials for social change in a time of crisis:


"At the beginning of his great work The Principle of Hope, Ernst Bloch challenged us to learn hope. Now, sixty years later, his challenge is both more difficult and more urgent than ever. How can we think hope, the radical hope of a different world, in the present situation? And how do we relate it to the present crisis of capitalism? The crisis as rupture of capitalist domination should open the world, but it seems to close it. Think hope, think crisis, but how?”


Professor Holloway also lead a postgraduate seminar, building on a lively departmental reading group this session based on his work.




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