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Predicting the Arctic response to climate change

Viv Jones leads visit to Vorkuta to sample lake sediments

Predicting the Arctic response to climate change

In April, Dr Viv Jones led a trip north of the Arctic circle, as part of the NERC-funded, Lakes and Carbon project, to sample water and sediment from lakes in the Vorkuta region of Russia.

The team included Viv, Dr Nadia Solovieva and a Masters in Climate Change student, Christian Quintana, from UCL, with Dr Ludmilla Kohlova, from the Russian Academy of Sciences Komi Science Centre in Syktyvkar.

Four lakes were sampled over a period of about a week, with cores thought to cover about the last 11,000 years collected, sectioned, and returned to the UK for analysis.  The project aims to investigate how carbon was stored in the lakes under different climate regimes and will provide information about how the arctic will respond to predicted climate warming

Further details of the project can be found on the blog site


From left: Nadia Solovieva (UCL), Ludmilla Kohlova (Komi Science Centre), Viv Jones and Christian Quintana (UCL) water sampling in the tundra