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Advisor to the Incheon Development Institute

Robin Kim’s research appointment for Korean city

Advisor to the Incheon Development Institute

Dr Robin Kim, Urban Laboratory Fellow, has been appointed as Research Advisor to the Incheon Development Institute (IDI), where most major urban and architecture policies are developed for the city of Incheon, Korea. As the third most populous city after Seoul and Busan, located in northwestern South Korea, Incheon has led the country’s economic development as a link to other countries, especially in northeast Asia. Incheon National Airport is also the primary airport for South Korea and the city has emerged as a strategic location for global businesses and industries.

Since the IDI was founded in 1996, it has focused on analysing Incheon’s urban structure, economic and social conditions and vision for the future. At the same time the Institute plays a significant role supporting the city’s Mayor by providing preemptive and realistic policy alternatives based on in-depth studies of Incheon’s current situation. As the research advisor, Robin’s role will advise the IDI’s researchers on new urban and architecture policies, guide their research direction and support collaboration with international institutes. Meanwhile, working at UCL Robin will continue to direct the research team of the JHK Urban Research Lab in London, serving as a hub of the IDI in promoting urban initiatives, and a think-tank devoted to the socio-spatial improvement of major Korean cities.


Dr Robin Kim at the appointment