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London in July 2013

Mat Disney on latest Landsat imagery

London in July 2013

This satellite image of Greater London was captured on the 8th July, and shows the extent of the city’s vast sprawl as well as the greenness of the surrounding agricultural landscape. Patches of dry, bare fields, and even brown areas in Hyde Park, Greenwich Park and elsewhere, are already visible even before the recent heat wave had fully set in

Dr Mat Disney explains that the image shows a 75 x 60 km area of London and SE England. It was captured by the Optical Land Imager sensor aboard NASA's latest Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM), launched in February 2013 (

Mat adds: “NASA LDCM continues satellite monitoring by the Landsat programme, which has provided a unique view of the changing Earth since 1972. Landsat data have proved incredibly useful in addressing a wide range of environmental issues such as deforestation, land cover change, climate impacts, urbanisation and agriculture among many other areas”.

Click here for the larger resolution satellite image.


Satellite image of Greater London (NASA)

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