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Reuse of Guui Pumping Station in Seoul

Research Grant from Seoul Metropolitan Government for Robin Kim

Reuse of Guui Pumping Station in Seoul

Dr Robin J H Kim, Urban Laboratory Fellow, has been awarded a grant from Seoul Metropolitan Government to explore the reuse of ‘Guui Pumping Station’ that was closed down in June 2012. When he visited the building and site early this year, Robin drew attention to the possibility of transforming this large industrial building into a new landmark and the area into a cultural centre, since the site is well located on the eastern side of Han River.

Robin has been focusing on ways of renovating industrial buildings that can play a key role in revitalising adjacent areas by providing an impetus for change. The lifespan of a building depends not so much on its structural qualities or the physical properties of its materials as on how effectively it is managed and reused for new purposes. In Europe, old railway stations, power stations, factories and warehouses constructed during and after the Industrial Revolution, and thus some 200 years old, are generally referred to as ‘industrial heritage’. There are many successful examples that have been revitalised by applying creative ideas. Unfortunately the reuse of derelict industrial buildings does not seem to be common in Korea and many have been demolished over the last decade, particularly in Seoul. In recognition of this problem, Robin has introduced the potentials and benefits likely to be accelerated by the reuse of derelict industrial buildings, emphasising this approach as part of sustainable urban regeneration.

The research has three aims: Firstly, to explore the value of industrial buildings as an engine for regenerating run-down sites; secondly, to suggest innovative concepts for transforming Guui Pumping Station into a new cultural facility; and thirdly, to inspire policy makers to set out new polices for the reuse of industrial buildings.


Guui Pumping Station

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