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The labour market impacts of international migration

John Salt reports to Brussels conference on recent UK experience

The labour market impacts of international migration

Professor John Salt attended a conference in Brussels on 14-15 November, organised by the OECD and EU on Growing Free labour Mobility Areas and Trends in International Migration. He presented a paper on Post -enlargement worker inflows from the new EU member countries and their impact on employment and wages in destination countries: the UK's experience.


The paper summarized the numbers and occupations of East Europeans who came to the UK after 2004 (A8) and 2007 (A2) before reviewing evidence for their fiscal, employment and wage effects on the UK economy and labour market. His main conclusions were that the fiscal effects continue to be contentious but are probably very small; that the effects of immigration on the wage and employment prospects of domestic workers are also very small or absent; and that no statistically significant impact of the migrations on unemployment can be detected. The current recession and sluggish growth of the UK economy may have created new situations, however, both in the UK and in migrant origin countries.


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