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International Migration Outlook 2011

John Salt co-authors two papers in OECD Flagship publication

International Migration Outlook 2011

The new annual 'flagship' publication of the OECD, International Migration Outlook 2011, published in July, includes two chapters co-authored by Professor John Salt.


The first chapter is a special introduction, written with Jean-Pierre Garson, reviewing the main changes in international migration for OECD member states over the last 50 years. It concludes by identifying the salient challenges facing countries over the next decade. These include: the growing global population; the emergence of new sources and nodes in the globalisation of migration; greater competition for skills; the growing requirements of ageing populations; a greater need for international co-operation; and the need for major efforts to improve integration.


The second chapter co-authored by John, with the OECD Secretariat, is on migration policy developments in member states. This concludes that, while there has been a trend in the past two years towards greater restriction on migrant entry, particularly in English-speaking countries, some other countries have become more open. All countries, however, are tending towards more compulsory integration and citizenship policies.


John also contributes the UK chapter on Recent Changes in Migration Movements and Policies, in his role as long-time UK correspondent to the OECD’s Continuous Reporting System on Migration (SOPEMI).