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New textbook on popular culture and geopolitics

Jason Dittmer links who we think we are to how we understand the world

New textbook on popular culture and geopolitics

The start of spring sees the publication of Dr Jason Dittmer's textbook on popular geopolitics; Popular Culture, Geopolitics, and Identity.

The book, described as “innovative and engaging”, is the first to survey the field of popular geopolitics, exploring the relationship between popular culture and international relations from a geographical perspective.

Jason connects global issues with the questions of identity and subjectivity that we feel as individuals, arguing that who we think we are influences how we understand the world. Each chapter focuses on a specific theme - such as representation, narrative, and affect - by explaining the concept and then considering some of the key debates that have revolved around it. Finally, each chapter illustrates the concept with a specific case study, including first-person shooter video games, blogging, and comic books. Students should enjoy the text's accessibility and colourful examples, and how the book makes a diverse, multidisciplinary literature understandable and relevant."

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