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Josh is one of the first ‘50 people changing the world’

Award by the NY-based Explorers Club

Josh is one of the first ‘50 people changing the world’

Joshua Powell, UCL Geography and London NERC DTP PhD researcher, has been named as one of first The Explorers Club 50.

The Explorers Club was established in New York in 1904 to promote scientific exploration by supporting research and education in the physical, natural and biological sciences. In 2021 it has launched The Explorers Club 50: Fifty People Changing the World the World Needs to Know About. This aims to reflect the diversity of modern exploration and help amplify the voices of 50 trailblazing explorers, scientists, artists and activists from around the world.

Over 400 nominations were received from 48 countries, and awards were made for work that inspired a greater understanding of the world around us, impacted the communities where they lived in innovative way, and expanded the definition of exploration, promoting the Explorer Club's mission. For more on the initiative and the 50 honourees, See: EC-50-2.pdf (

Josh is the founder of Rangers without Borders and of the #WWFVoices Campaign. The award citation notes his work in NE Asia, focusing on conservation of the endangered Amur Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), and on conservation policy in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. His current PhD research, at UCL Geography and the Zoological Society of London, focuses on opportunities and challenges for the transboundary conservation of the Amur tiger in north-east Asia

In response to the award, Josh summarises his hope that humans can protect the Earth’s amazing biodiversity and avert the threat of a sixth mass extinction. This will involve greater understanding as we learn how to live better with other natural world species.

Josh also had a short conservation film out in January, Saving Britain's Islands. This looks at the pioneering development of island conservation practises in New Zealand and the lessons for biodiversity conservation in the extended British Overseas Territories. The film was produced by Josh and wildlife filmmaker Matt Jarvis, with New Zealand-based cameraman Ben Sarten and narrated by Benjamin Harris. It was funded by the British Ecological Society.

Watch the film and join a free, panel Q&A with Josh and island conservation scientists and practitioners from the RSPB, ZSL and South Georgia Heritage Trust, with ZSL Science and Conservation Events on 15th February 2021.


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