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MSc Geospatial Analysis


The density of Tweets about education in Central London (Lansley and Longley, 2016)


The home of GIS

World leading research

Estimations of population churn (Guy Lansley, 2017)The UCL Department of Geography remains a leader of GIScience research and is currently awarded over £10 million in funding on GIS related projects. The Department also hosts the UK Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) which offers data services and opportunities for research with consumer facing organisations. This includes the CDRC Masters Research Dissertation Programme which offers Masters students the opportunity to undertake research with a commercial partner. Sponsors have included Sainsbury’s, Boots, Tesco, Barlcays, Shop Direct, M&S and many more. The department is also at forefront of the area of spatio-temporal computational modelling of human behaviour and social systems using new forms of data such as mobile data, sensors and internet of things data, social media, user-generated content and so on. In addition, Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) are also based in the department of Geography. ExCiteS create bespoke technologies to address the challenges around collecting, sharing and visualising geographic information with a variety of communities and focus on bottom-up solutions to community problems around the world.

Best selling publications

Books by staff at UCLA number of internationally best-selling text books have been written by staff at the UCL Department of Geography. This includes Geographic Information Science and Systems (Longley et al), Geospatial Analysis (Longley, De Smith and Associates) and Interacting with Geospatial Technologies (Haklay). In addition, our team have also published infographic books such as the award winning London: The Information Capital (Cheshire and Uberti) and Where the Animals Go (Cheshire and Uberti).International books by UCL


CDRC Maps displaying the London Output Area Classification (Longley and Singleton, 2014)The UCL Department of Geography develops high impact research and encourages student participation in the research process. The department has built a range of user-friendly UK focused web-mapping portals including DataShine and CDRC Maps. UCL also hosts online interfaces for bespoke projects such as named which maps the distribution of surnames in the UK. Together, the department's geographic data visualisation websites receive over 750,000 visits a year and regularly feature in the media. The department also offers online resources in the form of free online textbooks (such as spatialanalysisonline and statsref) and training courses in R.


Estimating migration in the UK (Lansley and Li. 2017)There is a wide interest in spatially referenced datasets and how to analyse them in a range of different industries. The skills taught in this programme are applicable to the following careers: GIS, marketing & business intelligence, location planning, digital health & epidemiology, data science, resource management and exploration and many more. Furthermore, MSc GSA provides an ideal foundation for PhD research.


UCL name research

James Cheshire Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Human Geography Rory Coulter Lecturer in Housing and Urban Analytics
Mat Disney Reader in Remote Sensing Jon French Professor of Coastal Sciences
Muki Haklay Professor in Geographic Information Science Matthew Hopkinson Visiting Professor in Retail Geography
Guy Lansley Manager of the CDRC Masters Research Dissertation Programme Philip Lewis Professor of Remote Sensing
Paul Longley Professor of Geographic Information Science Mirco Musolesi Reader in Data Science
Oliver O'Brien Data Scientist in Webmapping Martin Squires Visiting Professor in Big Data Analytics

Further information

To apply for a place in next year's MSc GSA course please click here.