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Refugee-Related Research and Activities

UCL has a long history of conducting critical research into refugee and displacement situations around the world, and also of developing and implementing different forms of support and solidarity for refugees, migrants and people affected by conflict. The following are a selection of existing refugee-related networks, groups and opportunities for volunteering that exist across UCL.

Please send the details of other UCL-wide student or staff initiatives to add to this list to

Refugee-Related Research and Support Activities

  • Refuge in a Moving World (RiMW) is UCL's interdisciplinary research network regarding displacement and conflict, drawing together academics and students from across UCL working on these complex issues around the world. For a Directory of researchers and research projects on these topics across UCL, see here. For more information, and to get involved, email; follow updates and news on UCL-wide activities, events, publications re. refugees and forced migration on @RefugeMvingWrld
  • Since 2016, Refuge in a Moving World has been coordinating UCL-wide activities in support of refugees. Following a successful Staff-Student Open Meeting in Feb. 2016 (attended by over 65 people from across UCL), a second Open Meeting took place in Oct. 2016, providing an update on the work of the Scholarships Working Group and the Access to Higher Education Working Group, and an opportunity to discuss a proposal submitted to UCL for the establishment of a UCL Migration Support Unit.
    • To get involved with the Scholarships Working Group email Andrea Rigon on;
    • To work with the Access to Higher Education Working Group email Rachel Rosen on;
    • To support refugees' access to the UCL Undergraduate Foundation Course email Raphaela Armbruster on
    • For more information about the activities being coordinated by the group, including details of the proposal submitted to UCL in October 2016, see the powerpoint here.
  • PhD Wing of Refuge in a Moving World: The new interdisciplinary PhD Wing of Refuge in a Moving World draws together PhD students from across UCL who are interested in displacement and forced migration. The group organizes interdisciplinary reading groups, seminars, talks, and public events. For more information and to join the group, email: or
  • UCL Star: The Student Action for Refugees (STAR) society at UCL coordinates volunteering and campaigning at UCL, and promoting positive images of refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK. For more information, and to get involved, email: and follow on @UCLStar
  • UCL Refugee Support Group: The new student-led UCL Refugee Support Group has 4 main sub-groups a) campaigning; b) fundraising & donations/collections; c) volunteering; d) awareness raising. It runs key events such as film screenings, donation collection, panel discussions and talks, and is working closely with UCL Star. For more information, see and follow on @uclrefugee
  • The UCLU Volunteering Services Unit works with a number of refugee and migrant support charities and supports student-led community projects, including as part of the UCL Global Citizenship Programme – if you are interested in volunteering and organizing student-led projects in support of refugees, see more on
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