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Jennifer S Adams


Jennifer Susan Adams
PhD Researcher

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy


UCL Department of Geography, University College London

Research Gate:

Current research

Thesis title: Standards for the validation of geophysical remote sensing products

Supervisor: Dr. Mathias Disney, Reader in Remote Sensing in the Department of Geography, UCL

Supervisor: Dr. Nadine Gobron, European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy

My research is focused on developing quality assurance frameworks for field measurements of land Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) such as land surface albedo, LAI and FAPAR. In support of Copernicus and projects such as QA4ECV, quality assurance information needs to be provided at every step in the processing chain for the provision of ECVs, for both space-based retrievals and the in-situ retrievals used to validate the satellite products. The proper quantification of quality information for in-situ measurements is crucial, as accurate in-situ measurements with appropriate uncertainties are required to properly validate remote sensing products.

Using a model-based approach with Monte Carlo Ray Tracing (MCRT) radiative transfer models, the aims of my thesis are twofold:

1. Develop unbiased approaches for assessing the quality of in situ measurements and their protocols for LAI, FAPAR and land surface albedo.

2. Assess the performance of CEOS recommended field validation protocols for selected land ECVs

The objectives of this research are therefore to provide quality information for in-situ measurements, to assess specific contributions to uncertainty and to test conformity to accuracy requirements for the use of in-situ measurements to validation space-based retrievals. The development of a quality assurance framework using this method can also help field measurement communities in setting up their measurement protocol to yield the most accurate measurements or assign quality information to already existing measurement protocols.



PhD Student, UCL Geography and Joint Research Centre (JRC): 2014-present

MSc Environmental Mapping, UCL Geography: 2012-2013
Thesis can be found here:

BSc Geography, UCL Geography: 2009-2012

Papers and publications

Journal articles

Adams, J., Gobron, N., Widlowski, J-L. and Mio, C. (2016) “A model-based framework for the quality assessment of surface albedo in situ measurement protocols” JQSRT, 180: 126-146

Adams, J., Gobron, N., Mio, C. (2016) “A study of land surface albedo conversion formulae using 3D radiative transfer modeling” IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters DOI: 10.1109/LGRS.2016.2535160

Widlowski, J-L., Mio, C. Disney, M., Adams, J. et al (2015) “The fourth phase of the radiative transfer model intercomparison (RAMI) exercise: actual canopy scenarios and conformity testing” Remote Sens Environ: 418–437

Conference proceedings

Adams, J, Gobron, N., Widlowski, J-L. and Mio, C. (2016) “Developing a model-based framework for quality assessments of in-situ measurement protocols for albedo” Proceedings of the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016

Gobron, N., Adams, J. Cappucci, F., Lanconelli, C. Mota, B and Melin, F. (2016) “Joint Research Centre (JRC) Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Fitness for Purpose (F4P) Platform” Proceedings of the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016


EARSEL Symposium (2015), Luxembourg

Sentinel 3 for Science Workshop (2015), Venice

EGU (2016), Vienna

ESA Living Planet Symposium (2016), Prague

FLEX Remote sensing of fluorescence, photosynthesis and vegetation status (2017), Frascati

Juhan-Ross symposium (2017), Tartu