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Jacques Malaprade


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Mobile:0771 722 1024

Supervisors: Prof P Lewis (UCL), Dr L Guanter (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences), Dr C Nichol (University of Edinburgh)

Studentship: NERC-NCEO funded

Current research

Title: The influence of vegetation structure on the top of canopy fluorescence signal.

Critical to the closing of the earth's carbon budget and to predict climate feedbacks is the ability to know where and when carbon dioxide (CO2) is exchanged between the land and atmosphere. New research has shown that vegetation fluorescence can be measured from space and used to predict the absorption of CO2 by plants. During the absorption of actinic light by plant pigments a fraction of the absorbed energy is converted to carbohydrate molecules in a process known as photosynthesis. The remainder of the energy is either dissipated as heat or emitted as fluorescence. Although this solar induced fluorescence (SIF) makes up less than 3% of the surface leaving radiance it can be measured in very narrow spectral bands know as the Fraunhofer lines. It has been found that under certain conditions there is a close linear correlation between this measured fluorescence and the rate of photosynthesis also know as gross primary productivity (GPP).

Models are needed to understand the influence of vegetation structure on the signal measured by ground based, airborne or spaceborne sensors. These models can also be inverted to retrieve GPP from measurements of fluorescence. Although these models do exist, they all assumes the vegetation is a homogeneous, horizontally infinity and turbid medium.

The aim of my research is to describe the influence of vegetation structure and to create models which could be used to introduce the effects of 3D structure on fluorescence so that better estimates of leaf level fluorescence can be achieved.


Sept 2013 – Present, University College London

MPhil/PhD Remote Sensing

Title (working): The influence of vegetation structure on the top of canopy fluorescence signal.

2012 – 2013 Self employed

2011 – 2012 University College London

MSc Remote Sensing (Distinction)

2003 – 2011 Halcrow Group Ltd, UK

Geomatics Engineer – MCInstCES

2002 – 2003 Fauquembergue & Lemaire, France

Ingénieur Géomètre

1996 – 2002 Dept. of Water Affairs & Forestry, South Africa

Senior Geomatician

B.Tech Geomatics (2001)

N.Dipl Geomatics (1994)