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Current Research Students

Jennifer K Adams Pollution and Climate Change Impacts on Productivity and Biodiversity in the Selenga River Delta, Lake Baikal: a Siberian, Ramsar Wetland of International Importance
Jennifer S Adams Standards for the validation of geophysical remote sensing products
Nicolas Anastassacos
Suriyah Bi Marriage and Masculinities in Motion: Examining Migrant Husbands’ Experiences of in Birmingham’s British Pakistani Community
Oliver Van Biervliet
Isabel Bishop
Assessing the status of Najus flexius in Scottish lochs
Ana Bleahu Seasonal Migrants in Spain: Going to the Pentecostal Portable Church
Matheus Boni Vicari Leaf and Wood Separation from Terrestrial LiDAR Data
James Brennan Burned Area Model Intercomparison Project
Frances Brill
Tom Brocket Between West Bank and East Coast: Making Palestinian heritage in and from the United States
Frances Butler-Sloss
Adam Byrne Science, Law and Politics: The UK Climate Change Act 2008 and the Committee on Climate Change
Alice Carter-Champion
Daniel Chadwick Conservation of the white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in the face of invasive non-native species pressures
Ling-Yao Chen Post-disaster relocation in Taiwan
Jin-ho Chung
Political Ecology and community based adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia
Jessica Craig The role that the public have to play in environmental conservation planning and priority setting
Laura Cuch Food, Faith, Home: A visual exploration of religious and domestic material culture
Anna Cutmore
Rosemary De Vos
Jessica Durkota Distribution of hyporheic communities throughout a chalk catchment in south east England
Khatereh Eghdamian Rethinking Religion in Humanitarianism: Examining the Nature and Implications of Discursive Representations of Syrian Refugees on Religious Minorities in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey
Hannah Fair Pacific Island grassroots climate advocacy
Martina Fisk
Claire Fletcher
Evelina Gambino
Lucien Georgeson Defining and Measuring the Global Green Economy
Frank German Population movement in Northamptonshire 1831-1871
Pooya Ghoddousi Global Nomads or Temporary Citizens: Transnational Mobility of Middling Iranians
Ina Goel Spaces of exclusion or sites of resistance: Hijra communities in Delhi
Catriona Gold Travel warnings, alerts, and advice: history and origins
Helen Greaves
Assessing the value of pond management for biodiversity conservation
Alix Green Understanding the drivers of carbon sequestration in contrasting seagrass ecosystems: Implications for regional seagrass conservation.
Tania Guerrero Rios
Izazul Haq
Poppy Harding Ecosystem Responses to Abrupt Climatic Change in Southern Siberia during the Late Quaternary
Peter Hawking-Sach
Lioba Hirsch Quarantine: ontopolitical explorations of disease, space and coloniality 
Nicola Horne
Oyinbo as Other: The making and meanings of whiteness in Lagos, Nigeria
Andrew House Modelling waterfluxes in chalk river valley bottoms
Chia-Yuan Huang Global Mobility of Talents and Taiwan’s Youth Exodus
James Hudson Negotiating ageing in older people’s collaborative housing communities in Berlin
Fatema Rouson Jahan The Impact of Global Value Chain on Third World Female Body: A Gender Analysis of Clothing Chain between Bangladesh and UK
George Kafka
Alexander Koch Modelling carbon cycle and climate effects of 16th-century America's population demise
Sarah Kunz Privileged mobilities - Tracing expatriation in three sites
Daniela Lainez Del Pozo A governance analysis of the Guano Islands, Isles and Capes National Reserve System, Peru
Guy Lansley Geodemographics and big data
Daniel Lapworth Hydrogeological responses to intense groundwater pumping in the Indo-Gangetic Basin: Evidence from environmental tracers
Jacqueline Lau Investigating direct and mediated everyday nature experiences of urban youths in London and singapore
Jack Layton Active Publics: everyday sports and fitness practices in the urban environment, their spaces and their politics
Lucia Lencioni Recent responses of freshwater Scottish lochs to changes in nutrient loading and climate change
Jonathan Lewis-Phillips
Hui-Chun Liu
Privileged Expatriates: Economic Zones, China’s Statecraft and Geopolitics with Taiwan
Alyson Lloyd Applications of Big Data for Social Science: Prospects of Loyalty Card Data
Stephen Long Sustainable fishing in Greenland: impact of deep-sea trawling on benthic ecosystems
Markus Löning
Understanding the new digital retail landscape
Ana McMillin New Geographies of ‘Making’: The resurgence of manufacturing of advanced formats in the post-industrial urban context - The case of 3D Printing Industry in London
Alex Ma The Making of a New Asian Tiger?: Myanma Labour Migration to Singapore, and Remittance-led Development
Mikael Maes On the nature of green infrastructure in relation to human health
Jacques Malaprade The influence of vegetation structure on the top of canopy fluorescence signal
Laura Marshall Making Sense of Gender: Exploring gender diversity through the experiences of people with trans identities and histories
Soledad Martinez Rodriguez May I Walk with You? Exploring Difference and Inequality in Everyday Walking Practices in Santiago de Chile
Sara Martins Ecohydrology of Temporary Ponds: implications for conservation
Richard Mazebedi The importance of the floodpluse on trophic characteristic of Lake Ngami under prolonged inundation conditions; A terminal Lake of the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
Murray Mckenzie Artists, spatialized practice, and the (re)remembrance of contested space
Shayan Moftizadeh
Braulio Morera The politics of sustainability: new environmental metaphors in Chinese urban development
Ruth Murray
Michael Nattrass Caught up in the Traffic: A View from how the Urban Road Network comes to be an Infrastructure for Cycling and Driving.
Thien Vinh Nguyen
Urban development, governance, and oil windfalls in an African city: The case of Sekondi-Takoradi (Ghana)
Sara Nowreen Potential effect of climate change on the groundwater recharge in shallow aquifers of Bangladesh
Clement Oghoro A Place of Disputes: Land, Oil Resource and Governmentality in Warri
Niall Origo Measuring and simulating PAR fluxes in a forest environment for satellite product validation
Damian Oyarzun Valenzuela
Climate Change and Air Pollution Connections in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Sam Page Becoming Labour: Renewing electoral geography through assemblage theory
Andrew Papworth The Environmental Impacts on the Food Security of the Miskito Community in the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, Nicaragua
Rebecca Payne
Lucia Perez
An analysis of different perspectives on the social and economic impacts of the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Indonesia
Robert Petitpas Ontological politics of tree conservation; the case of araucarias in Chile
Shinta Puspitasari Effect of Human Activity on Beetle Diversity in Tropical Islands: A case study from the Thousand Islands Sancturary, Indonesia
Tim Rains The temporal patterns and geodemographics of consumption activity.
Niranjana Ramesh Techno-politics of urban water: the case of desalination in London & Chennai
Tatianna Rodrigues Regional Migration Policy & Identity Construction in the Caribbean Community
Cecil Sagoe Return of the Urban Development Corporation: Exploring Real-Estate and Housing Governance in Post-Olympic Stratford
Alvaro Sanchez Jimenez Local Government Transformations and Policymaking Processes in Times of Crisis: A Comparative Study of Valencia and Mar del Plata
Nilufer Sari Aslam Identification of Human Mobility Pattern Using Smart Card Data
Michael Schembri Maltese beaches: a source to sink approach
David Seddon Assessing Human Impacts on Groundwater Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa
Emily Smith Conduits of Invasive Aquatic Species into the UK: The Angling Route
James Sorensen
Charlie Stratford Ecohydrological Impacts of Floodplain Restoration
Abdifatah Tahir
Negotiating space in Nairobi: a case study on the experience of Somali migrants in Eatleigh
Myfanwy Taylor Contested urban economies: representing and mobilising London's diverse economy
Katherine Taylor-Helps
Shaun Teo Making sense of urban governance: The redevelopment of urban villages in Shenzhen, China
Joe Thorogood Geopolitics, Assemblage and the War on Drugs: Changing Dynamics of Opioid Consumption
Lourdes Toledo Tapia Empowering enterprises?  Microentrepreneurship programmes for women in Guadalajara, Mexico
Terje Trasberg
Anastasia Ushakova An Integrated Interpretative Framework of Domestic Energy Consumption in the UK using Smart Meter Data
Mariflor Vega Carrasco
Richard Walton Understanding the impacts of management on plant-pollinator and macrophyte assemblages in a farmland pond ecosystem
Emilia Weber
Michel Wortmann
David Zarra Dopazo Leaving empty home(s) behind: in the aftermath of the Spanish building boom
Anni Zhao