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New NERC project on environmental flows in Cambodia

Julian Thompson extending innovative river system modelling

New NERC project on environmental flows in Cambodia

The project, Translation of Environmental Flow Research in Cambodia (TEFRIC), is funded under NERC’s Innovation Follow-on programme and will be led by Dr Julian Thompson. It extends on-going collaboration with Dr Cedric Laize and others at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology on environmental flows in the Mekong, as well as river systems in India, Bangladesh and West Africa.

The project will develop open-access code for the Ecological Risk due to Flow Alteration (ERFA) methodology and, in collaboration with Cambodian partners including the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and the Tonle Sap Authority, will tune it to be applied to a range of potential future scenarios developed through hydrological modelling.



An example of environmental flow assessments using ERFA, in this case on the Upper Niger (West Africa), using hydrological simulation results for 12 stations for 41 climate models with the same emission scenario.

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