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Ensis inducted into UCL's Circle of Benefactors

Over £1 million pounds contributed to UCL Geography research

Ensis inducted into UCL's Circle of Benefactors

Ensis, formed in 1988 as the consultancy arm of the UCL Geography Environmental Change Research Centre, has been formally recognised by UCL President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur, for the significant financial support it has given to UCL Geography for over 30 years.

Professor Neil Rose and Ben Goldsmith attended the September 19th inaugural ceremony of the UCL Circle of Benefactors, where Ensis was inducted, along with 50 other major donors and charities who have each contributed over one million pounds to UCL in support of research and teaching. Neil was presented with a silver replica of the UCL mace as a token of appreciation to Ensis.

The evening also included a panel discussion, featuring UCL's Professor Marianna Mazzucatto, Dr Nick Lane and Professor Daniel Hocchausser, chaired by UCL Researcher and TV presenter Dr Chris Van Tulleken, on whether Jeremy Bentham's philosophical dictum, "It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right or wrong", was, and remains, true.



Neil receiving the award from the Provost (Ben Goldsmith)

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