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Towers of London

Andrew Harris awarded Beacon Bursary Award

Towers of London

Dr Andrew Harris has been awarded a Beacon Bursary from the UCL Public Engagement Unit for a project entitled 'Towers of London'.

In collaboration with UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Andrew will create an interactive website where the public will be invited to upload photographs, web-links, videos and personal stories about living or working in and around London's tall buildings. The buildings will include churches, residential towers, office blocks, chimneys, mosques and gas holders. Some will be iconic buildings in the centre of London, with others less well-known structures in the suburbs. Most still exist, but some will have been demolished, and some proposed but never built.

The project addresses a pressing need for alternatives to top-down accounts of built form, and extends and develops a growing public interest in London's built forms and urban histories.



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