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MSc Climate Change



There is a pressing national and international need to understand the nature and consequences of climatic change and to develop adaptation strategies. The UCL Climate Change MSc provides rigorous scientific and vocational training for the next generation of climate change professionals. Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of the Earth System (atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere) and the nature and causes of climate variability and change.

The programme combines empirically-based climate and environmental science with state of the art modelling, specifically that concerned with understanding the impacts of climate change. The course seeks to place climate change within the context of broader anthropogenic environmental change, and social policy dimensions.

The UCL MSc in Climate Change provides an ideal foundation for PhD research, or for employment with a wide range of private industries, NGOs, government agencies and environmental consultancies.


Moss landing (CA) power plant.jpgAll students take four core Climate Change modules in the first term and choose a further four modules from a range of options in the second term. Additionally, students undertake a piece of original research leading to a dissertation of up to 15,000 words (60 credits) with the support of an academic supervisor.

The following modules are generally offered. Due to sabbaticals and staff changes, not all modules are available every year, and module availability is subject to change. Please contact the course convenor for any questions relating to the modules available in the forthcoming year.



Module code

Module title

UCL Credit value

GEOGG120 Models in Environmental Science
15 credits
GEOGG130 Climate Dynamics
15 credits
GEOGG131 Global Environmental Change
15 credits
GEOGG133 Past Climates
15 credits

Module code

Module title

UCL Credit value

Politics of Climate Change
15 credits
GEOGG095 Ocean Circulation and Climate Change 15 credits
GEOGG100 Coastal Change 15 credits
GEOGG101 Surface Water Modelling 15 Credits
Terrestrial Carbon: Modelling and Monitoring
15 credits
GEOGG134 Climate Modelling 15 credits
GEOGG135 Biological Indicators of Environmental Change
15 credits
GEOGG136 Non-biological Indicators of Environmental Change
15 credits


Climate change is a global problem involving many disciplines. Despite only focusing on the scientific (rather than ethical or legal) issues, this MSc has one of the broadest curricula about climate change available. It covers past, present and future changes, as well as the physical, chemical, biological and political aspects.

The aim of the program is to provide a solid grounding in the science of climate change. Your subsequent specialisation, either through further study or employment in the environment sector, will always be placed in the context of the interconnected problems facing the Earth. As with any such complex and emotive issue, there is a lot of confusing (and sometimes contradictory) information about climate change. This program will give you the skills to uncover the essential information from the cloud of uncertain observations and model projections.

Fees and Applications

View of sea from a transatlantic flight.jpgFees information is at


For information on UCL scholarships, please visit:

Potential applicants are expected to have a first or upper second-class Honours degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Environmental Science, Geography, Oceanography, Biology, Chemistry or Engineering) from a UK university or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard. Applicants with relevant professional experience in climate science or environmental management will also be considered.

To apply, please contact the Graduate Admissions Secretary ( to request a Graduate Application Pack.

Application materials may also be downloaded at:

Academic enquiries may be addressed to

Further Information

Thames barrier (London).jpgMSc Climate Changes is taught by members of the Geography Department, including members of research groups specialising in Environmental Change; Environmental Modelling; Past Climates, and Environment, Landscape and Society

Staff contributing to the course come from a diversity of scientific backgrounds and include Geographers and Earth Scientists who specialise in subjects including: climate dynamics, climate modelling, carbon cycling, oceanography, palaeolclimatology, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology and limnology, groundwater and wetland hydrology, estuarine and coastal geomorphology, environmental modelling and GIS, and the social science of climate change.

MSc Climate Change Flier

MSc Climate Change Handbook
A short brochure can be downloaded here. A more detailed course handbook can be downloaded here.


Ocean Circulation and Climate Change