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Cultural and Historical Geography

Dr Claire Dwyer and Dr Caroline Bressey

Unit Value: 0.5 unit  Year: 2  Term: 1

This module provides an introduction to and overview of the fields of social, cultural and historical geography. It will draw on current work in social geography including the ways in which social relations are constituted spatially and current work in cultural and historical geography on representations of difference.

Aims of the Course
GEOG2024 is designed to provide a bridge between first year modules like London and social, cultural and historical modules in the third year. It will also prepare you for dissertation work in these fields, complementing Methods in Human Geography.

The module aims to
- examine the theoretical and methodological foundations of research in these fields, as well as intellectual traditions in related disciplines
- theorise social geographies of difference, focusing in particular on two areas: ‘race’ and ethnicity, and gender
- explore the representation of place, people and landscape in different forms (visual, textual, etc)  as well as questions of reception and politics.

Method of Teaching
The course is taught through a combination of lectures and compulsory seminars. Weekly reading is essential.

The module is assessed entirely by coursework, comprised of two essays (1 x 1000 words, 25% of the assessment, 1 x 2000 words, 50% of the assessment) and a reflective essay (worth 25% of the assessment).

Key Texts
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