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PhD Research Work

PhD Research

Name Project Supervisor Location
Adefemi Adekunle "You have to represent your ends." Youth territoriality in Inner City London Claire Dwyer PBG14
Muhammad Adnan Towards real-time geodemographic information systems: design, analysis and evaluation Paul Longley
Emily Alderton
"Ghost ponds": resurrecting lost ponds and species to assist aquatic biodiversity conservation
Carl Sayer

Claire Barrett-Mold System controls on marginal coastal and estuarine habitat dynamics: a morphostratigraphic study Helene Burningham
Isabel Bishop Assessing the status of Najus flexius in Scottish lochs Rick Battarbee PB214
Ana Bleahu Seasonal Migrants in Spain: Going to the Pentecostal Portable Church JoAnn McGregor
Magali Bonne-Moreau Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps
Andrew Harris
Andrew Burt
Quantifying Forest State and Degredation
Mat Disney
Richard Casey Understanding the multi-spectral waveform lidar signal and its application in measuring and monitoring forests Philip Lewis PB110
Ling-Yao Chen Post-disaster relocation in Taiwan Ann Varley BW117
Jae-Sung Chon Modernization and co-evolution of man, machine and nature in three cities: Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai Matthew Gandy
Chih-Wei Chu
Peter Jones

Jin-ho Chung Political Ecology and community based adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia Ben Page PB214
Kimberley Claydon
Migration and global dynamics
Pablo Mateos

Hannah Clilverd Hydrological restoration of river-floodplain connections and the effects on wet grassland plant communities Julian Thompson PB214
Rebecca Collins Exploring adolescents' material consumption through the lens of divestment Russell Hitchings PB214
Miles Davis The Dynamics of Town Centre Retailing 1971-2003 Mike Batty
Kallum Dhillon Locating crime and criminality in Edwardian London: a GIS-based approach
Richard Dennis PB214
Arnaud Duranel Wetlands in a changing environment: an assessment of the environmental factors driving biodiversity in soligenous acidic mires in Limousin, Central France Julian Thompson
Jessica Durkota Distribution of hyporheic communities throughout a chalk catchment in south east England Julian Thompson
David Emson Identiying change in the trophic structure of ponds using palaeolimnology Carl Sayer
Carole Enahoro Negotiating shelter in Abuja, Nigeria: the bureaucratic absurd and satiric attack from the margins Jennifer Robinson
James Esson Moving without the ball: The irregular migration of West African football players JoAnn McGregor BW117
Hannah Fair
Understanding of climate change and social change in the Republic of the Maldives
Sam Randalls
Miriam Fernandez Nunez Spatial and temporal response of saltmarsh ecosystems to sea level change: a case study from south west andalucia Helene Burningham PB110
Benjamin Flower Global property rights and tenure insecurity in Phnom Penh Ann Varley PB214
Matt Fortnam
Coastal environmental governance and community resilience to extreme floods Peter Jones
Chris Gale Creating better area classification for the 2011 Census of the Population Paul Longley
Bharath Ganesh
Hip hop and Islamophobia
Jason Dittmer
Elizabeth Gardner Hydrogeomorphology and ecology in a sedimentary coastal lake and wetland system: Sheskinmore Lough Helene Burningham PB110
Christina Geijer Cetacean Conservation Peter Jones PBG14
Frank German Population movement in Northamptonshire 1831-1871 Richard Dennis
Pooya Ghoddousi Global Nomads or Temporary Citizens: Transnational Mobility of Middling Iranians
Alan Latham PB214
William Gray A role for the North Pacific in the deglacial atmospheric CO2 rise Jonathan Holmes PBG14
Helen Greaves Assessing the value of pond management for biodiversity conservation Carl Sayer PB214
Mandy Green
Development of tools and approaches for the assessment of hydrological model structure and parameterisation uncertainty for scenario analysis
Julian Thompson
Charlotte Hall Trace metal contamination in lakes and ponds in London Neil Rose PBG14
Sam Halvorsen Subverting Space: Territorial Practices and Territoriality in Occupy London Alan Ingram PB214
Hang Kei Ho Drinking Bordeaux in Hong Kong: exploring changing identities through alcohol consumption James Kneale BW117
Andrew House
Modelling waterfluxes in chalk river valley bottoms
Julian Thompson

Fatema Jahan
The Impact of Global Value Chain on Third World Female Body: A Gender Analysis of Clothing Chain between Bangladesh and UK
Ann Varley
Sandra Jasper Cyborg urbanization- theorizing architectural practice in the post-industrial metropolis Matthew Gandy BW117
Charlotte Jones A social history of Turkish Baths in Victorian London Richard Dennis BW117
Ruth Judge The impact of overseas volunteering for low-income youth in the UK Claire Dwyer PB214
Min Jun MPA Network designation progress in california and victoria Peter Jones PBG14
Jens Kandt
Towards a holistic understanding of health inequalities
Paul Longley

Katherine Kingsford Urban Agriculture in Africa Ben Page BW117
Petchpilai Lattanan Urban studies on middle class and global city in southeast Asia Pushpa Arabindoo BW117
Jacqueline Lau Investigating direct and mediated everyday nature experiences of urban youths in London and singapore Russell Hitchings BW117
Lucrezia Lennert The city and the war machines: collective houses in Berlin Matthew Gandy
Yan Li Predictions of climate change impacts on hydrological regime and water environment under the operation of Three Gorges Dam in Daning River catchment, China Julian Thompson PB214
Alexander Lobora Spatio-temporal models for cheetah distribution across Africa
Philip Lewis PB110
Alexander Lombino Understanding the systemastics of oxygen isotope signals in chironomids Jonathan Holmes PB110
Darya Malyutina Patterns of sociality in Russian-speaking migrants in London Alan Latham
Luca Marazzi Assessing biodiversity and biomass of algae in the Okavango Delta (Botswana), a subtropical flood-pulsed wetland Anson Mackay PB214
Samuel Merrill A Cultural Landscape of Urban Underground Railways Richard Dennis BW117
Luke Mitchell Hydrogeomorphic succession of rehabilitated gravel habitat and implications for salmonid spawning Carl Sayer PBG14
Nahid Mohajeri Pour Rayeni Effects of external constraints on the general shape and internal geometric patterns of cities: implications for transportation Jon French PB110
Amil Mohanan The biopolitics of internet Governance Jason Dittmer BW117
Aditya Mohanty Seeing through the State: The Case of Bhagidari in Delhi
Pushpa Arabindoo PB214
Luis Morales Marin Numerical modelling of lake hydrodynamics and sedimentation Jon French PB110
Louis Moreno The Architecture of Financial Crisis Matthew Gandy BW117
Braulio Morera Villa The politics of sustainability: new environmental metaphors in Chinese urban development Matthew Gandy
Aidan Mosselson Urban renewal in inner-city Johannesburg Jennifer Robinson PB214
Ana Munoz-Boudet
Public spaces of the city, Santiago de Chile
Ann Varley

Gayle Munro Transnationalism of migrants from the former Yugoslavia to the UK Claire Dwyer
Susana Neves Alves Urban governance and water management in the context of high informality: the case of Bafata, Guinea-Bissau Jennifer Robinson PB214
Caitlin O'Neill Coming of Age in the United States, Becoming Mexican (-American)? Claire Dwyer BW117
Giles Omezi Cities and Urbanisation Matthew Gandy PB214
Matthew Owen Relationships between submarine mass movements and climate change - focusing on the Peach 4 debrite within the Barra Fan, Northwest British continental margin Mark Maslin PB106
Temitope Oyedotun Estuary-coast interaction and morphodynamic evolution Helene Burningham PB110
Lucia Perez De Oliveira An analysis of different perspectives on the social and economic impacts of the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Indonesia Peter Jones PB214
Anna Plyushteva Local mobility and international connectivitiy, Durban Alan Latham PB214
Donald Poland Cities & Urbanisation Alan Latham
Cinzia Polese The formulation of asylum policies in the United Kingdom and in Italy Alan Ingram BW117
Frohar Poya Faryabi
Migration and Identity: notions of honour and shame amongst Afghan Community in exile
JoAnn McGregor
Matthew Pratt
Open Data for Improved Geodemographic Classifications
Paul Longley

Darryl Price Physical processes of sediment accumulation in tidal saltmarshes: A comparative analysis of degraded and restored systems Jon French PB110
Shinta Puspitasari Effect of Human Activity on Beetle Diversity in Tropical Islands: A case study from the Thousand Islands Sancturary, Indonesia Jan Axmacher
Aikaterini Pylarinou Modelling the impacts of climate change in coastal and estuarine habitats Jon French PB110
Mohammed Rahman

Julian Thompson
Paul Richards Real time geodemographics for reassurance policing and crime prevention Paul Longley
Nadia Robb Experiences of tertiary educated Romanians in London: an examination of the issues surrounding social and spatial mobility Claire Dwyer PBG14
Jorge Salgado Bonnet Historical ecology of shallow lakes, Upper Lough Erne System, Northern Ireland Carl Sayer
Hussein Samater Diasporas and development: the case of elite diaspora members in Somaliland JoAnn McGregor BW117
Alvaro Sanchez Jimenez

Michael Schembri Maltese beaches: a source to sink approach Helene Burningham PB110
Victoria Shepherd River restoration and the river flood plain connection in Norfolk rivers Jan Axmacher PB214
Samanta Skulmowska Palaeolimnology in Holocene freshwater lakes, diatom & pollen analysis climate change and antropopression Anson Mackay PB214
Charlie Stratford Ecohydrological Impacts of Floodplain Restoration Julian Thompson
Sainabou Taal

Development and international migration; understanding the drive for political intervention in the Gambian diaspora

Ben Page
Abdifatah Tahir Negotiating space in Nairobi: a case study on the experience of Somali migrants in Eatleigh JoAnn McGregor PB214
Myfanwy Taylor

Murray Thompson Impact of River Management on Riverfly Life Carl Sayer PB214
Jasper Tjaden Public Opinion of migrants towards state integration policy and requirements in the UK, Germany and Spain Claire Dwyer
Tauri Tuvikene Automobility and post-socialist urbanism Alan Latham PBG14
Ophelie Veron Deconstructing the Divided City: Ethnic, Social an Cultural Divisions in a Balkan Capital Alan Ingram BW117
Jillian Watt Development and testing of a 3D dynamic model of winter wheat Philip Lewis PB110
Charlotte Wheeler
Designing Tropical Forest of the Future to Mitigate Climate Change
Simon Lewis

Astrid Wood Peripatetic Planning: Tracing the Mobility of Bus Rapid Transit through South African Cities Jennifer Robinson BW117
Richard Woolway No lake is an island: high resolution coherence in lake dynamics Jon French PB110
Yi Zou Biodiversity patterns in Northeast China Jan Axmacher