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GEOGG036 Migration and Urban Multicultures
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GEOGG036 Migration and Urban Multicultures

OPTION: GEOGG036 - Migration and Urban Multicultures

(15 credits)

Term 2 (2014)


Dr Claire Dwyer


1) To introduce students to a range of theoretical framings of the multicultural city

2) To explore contemporary debates about ‘managing’ urban diversity

3) To promote critical engagement with theoretical and policy discourses through comparative reading, fieldwork encounters and discussion.


The course draws on theoretical understandings of the postcolonial, the transnational and the cosmopolitan and how these ideas are played out, politically and through everyday practice, in the contested spaces of the multicultural city with a particular focus on London. The module includes an exploration of key theoretical debates in postcolonial theory which are related to understanding the historical and postcolonial experience of London. We will then engage more explicitly with understanding the contemporary geographies of London as a multicultural city engaging critically with how the city is both theorised and experienced.


This course will be taught through a mixture of lectures, facilitated group discussion, and student presentations. There will also be at least two urban fieldtrips. Moodle will be used throughout as a depository for teaching materials and lecture slides.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Knowledge and a critical understanding of different theoretical framings of urban spaces and difference

(2) Critical engagement with policy debates surrounding cities and diversity

(3) Experience of applying these theories to specific urban spaces and issues