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UCL Corporate Safety Policy
Safety Management Structure
Safety Committee
Risk Assessment
All activities both within the Department and on Fieldwork, must be covered by a current risk assessment. Templates are provided for various types of risk assessment. Please ensure you use the correct template. Once completed, a signed copy should be lodged with the DSO or where appropriate uploaded to the relevant Moodle pages. Fieldwork Risk Assessments should also be accompanied by the Field Work Checklist provided in the "fieldwork planning guidelines" section (see downloadable forms and files).
After Hours and Lone Working Policy
Arrangements for management of Hazards and Activities
Details are given of Codes of Practice, Departmental Guidelines and contacts and recommended control measures for activities carried out for/by members of the Department.
Computer Use
Fieldwork Planning
Fieldwork Safety is covered by a College code of practice. When planning fieldwork you are obliged to follow this.