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Dr Helene Burningham



Coastal & Estuarine Research Unit
UCL Department of Geography
Pearson Building
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

E: h.burningham@ucl.ac.uk
T: +44 (0) 20 7679 0577
F: +44 (0) 20 7679 0565

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Flora of the Alcudia dunes, Majorca
Coastal geomorphology of Donegal

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DPhil Coastal Studies (2000): Morphodynamics of West Donegal Estuaries (DENI Distinction Award), University of Ulster
BSc (1st Class Hons) Combined Science (1994): University of Lancaster/OSU

2013-present: Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, UCL Department of Geography
2001-2013: Lecturer in Physical Geography, UCL Department of Geography
2000: Tay Estuary Forum Project Officer, University of Dundee
1999: Countryside Ranger, East Lothian Council
1995: Countryside Ranger, East Kilbride Council

British Society for Geomorphology
Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation
American Geophysical Union



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Book Chapter/Edited Volume
Knight, J., Burningham, H. (2011). Sand dune morphodynamics and prehistoric human occupation in NW Ireland. In Brown, A.G., Basell, L.S., Butzer, A.K.W., Basell, L.S., Butzer, K.W. (Eds.). Geoarchaeology, Climate Change, Sustainability, Geological Society of America, Vol. 476, pp.81-92.
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Conference Proceedings
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Invited Book Reviews
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Ongoing research projects

Broader research interests

  • Late-Holocene climate-forcing and human occupation of coastal dunes in northwest Ireland
  • Coastal GIS and the analysis of historical shoreline and shoreface behaviour
  • Estuary-coast interaction in the vicinity of tidal inlets
  • Meso-tidal, high-wave energy beaches, sediment flux, and storm-driven beach-dune morphodynamics
  • Coastal conservation and sustaining naturally functioning systems



Magheramore dunes, Sheskinmore lough

Friends of Sheskinmore ProjectFriends of Sheskinmore

With the help of Beacon Bursary funding from UCL Public Engagement Unit, we have launched the Friends of Sheskinmore - a natural history interest group in northwest Ireland comprising local people, environmental/conservation managers, visitors and research scientists, supported by the sheskinmore.wordpress.com website where all those interested in natural and environmental change on the west Donegal coast can share knowledge, understanding and enquiry.

The project aims are:

  • to draw together local knowledge of, interest in and enthusiasm for the natural history of a site of national and international importance on the northwest coast of Ireland
  • to foster a unique collaboration between natural and social scientists through public engagement.




Postgraduate [course materials available on moodle]

  • G065: Environmental GIS
  • G100: Coastal change
  • G120: Models in environmental science
  • Research students
  • PhD research opportunities projects

[course materials available on moodle]

  • 2002: Methods in physical geography
  • 2005: Geomorphology
  • 3004: Coastal & estuarine environments


Office hours - always check here before coming

Term I

Term II

  • Week beginning 12-Jan: Mon 2-4; Tue 1130-1230
  • Week beginning 19-Jan: Mon 2-3; Mon 4-5; Tue 1130-1230
  • Week beginning 26-Jan: Tue 1130-1230; Wed 1100-1300
  • Week beginning 2-Feb: Tue 1130-1230; Thu 1400-1600
  • Week beginning 9-Feb: Mon 2-4; Wed 1130-1230
  • Reading week
  • Week beginning 23-Feb: Mon 2-4; Tue 1130-1230
  • Week beginning 2-Mar: Mon 2-4; Tue 1130-1230
  • Week beginning 9-Mar: Mon 1-2; 3-4; Tue 1130-1230
  • Week beginning 16-Mar: Mon 3-5; Tue 1130-1230
  • Week beginning 23-Mar: Mon 2-4; Tue 1130-1230



Research Students


Completed PhD students

Oyedotun T (2015) Estuary-coast interaction and morphodynamic evolution: a comparative analysis of three estuaries in southwest England (Adekunle Ajasin University Education Trust Fund)

Barrett-Mold C (2013) Morphostratigraphy of marginal coastal environments (NERC)

Morales-Marin L (2013) Numerical modelling of hydrodynamics and sedimentation in upland lakes: a tes of the sediment focusing hypothesis (UCL)


Current PhD students
Primary supervisor to:
- Fernandez Nunez M: Spatial and temporal response of saltmarsh ecosystems to sea level change: a case study from southwest Andalucia (Talentia 2011-)
- Gardner E: Hydrogeomorphology and ecology in a sedimentary coastal lake and wetland system: Sheskinmore Lough (UCL 2011-)
- Schembri M: Maltese Beaches : A source to sink approach (Malta Government Scholarship Scheme 2010-)
Secondary supervisor to:
- Duranel A: Wetlands in a changing environment: an assessment of the environmental factors driving biodiversity in soligenous acidic mires in Limousin, Central France (NERC 2009-)
- Mitchell L: Hydrogeomorphic succession and ecological processes affecting sea trout spawning on remedial gravels (EA/Cefas 2010-)
- Pylarinou A: Modelling the impacts of climate change in coastal and estuarine habitats (2010-)
- Price D: Processes in a managed realignment site (2010-)